Revolut Banking


I have had my Revolut account since the last quarter of 2018. I use it solely for my online purchases as it gives me the added protection between my main bank and the internet. It isn’t like a traditional bank, in fact it isn’t even a bank in the UK. It is online only, but still comes with the added benefit of a debit card, so you can use it pretty much like every other bank – except for going into the branch.

Pros and Cons of Revolut


It literally takes minutes to open an account – and can be done directly on your mobile phone.
You get a card to use in the shops.
You get notifcations on your phone every time you spend with it.
You get a Euro account set up on the account, I have not needed to use it, but some people obviously may benefit.
You can send and spend money abroad at the interbank exchange rate – useful if you are going on holiday.
Your funds are kept in a ring-fenced account
It is free (with paid options available)
They have various perks (for example I recently got 40% off an Uber Eats order when I paid with Revolut).
It can be used as cryptocurrency wallet for various Cryptocurrencies
If you have kids, you can set them up a Junior account where they get their own card, all under your watchful eye.
You can create Virtual Cards to use, as well as Disposable Virtual Cards – this enhances the security aspect of the account


  • No branch, obviously it isn’t a major issue for me, but for some people that like to pay Cash in – that isn’t going to happen!

Other thoughts

Like most banks you can now round up your payments to save money – personally, I have never seen the point in this. I know some people think it is an easy way to save money. However, because I am always in control of my financial position I don’t see the point. You can only really “save” a lot if you spend a lot, so in my opinion this option encourages spending

Final Thoughts

I have been using my Revolut account long before starting this blog, and will continue to use it for my online purchases due to me not having anything bad to say about them at all. I don’t keep all of my money in there, I just move over whatever I need to buy online.

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