WorkingClassFinance is a personal finance blog written by Matt, a 30+ year old working class guy from the UK.

Having been frustrated by a lot of the personal finance blogs that I’ve read that seemed to be tailored towards a lot of the higher earners. I decided to create one that is relevant to both lower and higher earning households. Luckily personal finance is something that everybody can look at regardless of how much you earn.

As I like to class myself as “Working Class” – I took the opportunity to create a personal finance blog that I could happily and honestly write about.

I was also frustrated with how most budgeting sites take an “average” look at finances over the course of a year, for example.  This doesn’t take into account the seasonal variations of household finances, such as Christmas and holidays.  Most budgeting sites would split this cost over 12 months, which is all well and good as long as you are starting from 12 months before these costs. However, I prefer to know when my weekly or monthly budget just isn’t enough for the week with as much advanced notice as possible, so that I can make arrangements to cover the shortfall in advance.

The way that I track my finances, is to track and forecast expenses on a DAILY basis.  Whilst this doesn’t mean looking at it every day (although I have been known to do so). It means making sure that my forecast is made to show the ups and downs of every day.  I would be able to tell you what I expect my bank (and liquid cash) will be at any point in the next 5 years.

I created a Financial Forecast spreadsheet to allow me to track my income and expenses in detail.

This method helped me get out of a large amount of debt. I was able to track and limit any spending to ensure that I was able to keep within my financial limits.  All of this whilst earning less than the an “average salary”, and still doing so to this day.

Workingclassfinance is a mix of general tips that should hold true for most people wherever in the world you are situated (but with a focus on the UK) and also some stories of my own private financial journey.

As always, a big thank you for visiting my site and I hope to see you back again.